Chinese Elements Methodology

Some practitioners use the traditional Chinese 5 Element system for diagnosis, which associates each symptom with an area of the body being out of balance. Once they have established where the imbalance lies they can advise as to how to use natural ingredients to bring the body back to optimum health. Food can be used to reverse the disease process even in those who are seriously ill.

Asyra Pro Health Screening

The Asyra Pro is the very latest screening technology system regarded as the future in healthcare and complements a holistic approach. Energy medicine is the coming together of ancient Chinese medicine practices and advanced scientific and technological understanding.

AsyraBio-energetic or Electro-dermal testing devices allow us to assess using galvanic skin response (changes in the electrical resistance of the skin) the state of the acupuncture meridians and therefore of the energetic health of the body. It also allows us, and this is where the real power of the technology lies, to assess how the body will respond to a huge number of different remedies or other substances.

The Asyra has brought practitioners together from a whole range of different backgrounds worldwide. These can include practitioners from homeopathy, nutrition, holistic health, chiropractor, herbal medicine, iridology, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, coaching, pharmacists and more.

Practitioners are trained in the use of the sophisticated system and then incorporate it in their practices. The Asyra is used as a tool to assist with diagnosis and health annalysis. It can quickly indicate the energetic state of internal organs, food and environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response and much more therefore helping to improve patient outcomes.

Food Intolerance Testing and Vitamin and Mineral Analysis

Intolerance testing equipmentOther practitioners are trained in food intolerance testing and vitamin and mineral analysis. Practitioners achieve a Diploma in Allergy Intolerance Therapy qualification which enables them to use an electro dermal machine. The machine measures changes in body resistance and is used to help pinpoint foods or allergens that may be causing health problems. Practitioners are then able to offer advice on dietary changes and supplements, if necessary, which should help recovery.


Practitioners often recommend a reputable and ethical company called Cytoplan, whose high quality products are manufactured in a food state form. The company uses organic ingredients wherever possible, but always nutrients in an organic form, which means they come complete with natural food carriers to ensure absorption and utilisation in the body. They are also an ethical company who make regular donations of supplements to charities and those in need. Their products are conceived by common sense, grounded in science and proven with results.


All practitioners are responsible for providing their own professional liability and indemnity insurance.

What is Holistic Health and Nutritional Therapy?

The principle of holistic health is to enable the body to heal a range of health problems whether they are physical, mental or emotional and chronic or degenerative diseases. This is achieved by activating the body's vital force (energy). Our practitioners offer a holistic approach to heath, treating each person as a whole, helping the body reach a balanced state. Every treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual.

The philosophy of holistic health is to encourage people to take responsibility for their health through education, dietary means, complementary and alternative techniques. Our practitioners offer personalised help, advice and support to assist clients achieve their goals. The cause of the health problem is identified, and recommendations are made to enable the body to heal itself. This approach assists the body on its journey to recovery with the object of helping to prevent the re-occurrence of symptoms.

Holistic Health and Nutritional Therapy is appropriate for any age group, from 0 to 100.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Hyppocrates (460-377BC)