Practitioners by area:


Gill Harrison

A lifetime interest in complementary therapies and many years of ill health led Gill to study nutrition and food intolerance testing. Now fully qualified, Gill enjoys helping other people on the road to better health. Gill specialises in bowel and skin conditions.

Areas: Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, Middlesex

Tel: 07899 892777 or 01753 526159



Sam Marshall

Holistic Nutrition

Food Intolerance Testing

Healing Massage and Reiki

Sam became interested in Holistic nutrition after having a food intolerance test herself and found numerous health benefits from adapting her diet and enjoyed significant weight loss and fitness improvement. She works with people of all ages but specialises in mums & babies and the treatment of Candida. If you are interested in taking a Foundation Course in Holistic Nutrition contact Sam for more information or go to

Areas: Berkshire and surrounding counties

Tel: 07775 954478




Lorraine Calcott (Student member)

Specialising in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight with the aid of nutritional advice , counselling and exercise.

Areas:Buckinghamshire , Bedfordshire , London , Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire

Tel: 07990 962692



Catherine Gaskell

Catherine is an Holistic Nutritional Practitioner in Cheshire and is Qualified in Allergy & Intolerance Testing.

Her holistic approach treats the whole person, rather than one specific health problem: you will gain a deeper understanding of your body and achieve greater balance in your energy levels and eating practices.

Tel: 07921456564




Deborah Shayer

Deborah used to suffer from severe migraines. Following a food allergy test and changing her diet, she was migraine free after just a week. Deborah then decided to start her own business after completing Allergy Intolerance Therapy & Naturopathic Nutritional Practitioners courses in 2003-5. She really enjoys her work and the variety of people she meets. The feeling she has knowing she has helped others suffering from many different symptoms is rewarding.

Areas: Based from home in the Chelmsford area and Essex

Tel: 01245 426032




Melanie Tilbury

Holistic nutrition therapy

Food intolerance testing

Advice on diet, lifestyle and alternative techniques

Melanie's interest in natural health started in 2003 when she suffered from chronic sinusitis. After following a nutritional programme she became convinced that the foods we eat together with our lifestyle play a major role in our health. Melanie is a qualified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner and Food Intolerance Therapist and enjoys helping others to help their health.

Areas: Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and North London

Tel: 07753 409630



Michelle Abbott

Michelle first became interested in nutrition in 2004 when she started to suffer with a lot of health complaints. After regaining her health she decided to train as a holistic nutritional practitioner so she could help others with their health problems and improve their quality of life.

Areas: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex

Tel: 07794 048830




Charlotte Fraser

Charlotte is qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition and in Food Intolerance testing. Charlotte's passion for nutrition stems from her own experience treating Ulcerative Colitis. Charlotte works dynamically with the client on a physiological, physical and mental/emotional level.

Specialist areas: bowel disorders, depression, fertility, food intolerances, low energy, skin conditions and stress management.

Areas: Based in London (SW11). Home visits can be organised on request.

Tel: 07930 370 175




Sara Hale

Sara became interested in complementary therapies when conventional medicine could not help her recover from ME / CFS which she developed in 1999. After receiving help from many therapies and training in this area herself during 2008, Sara has now recovered and is enjoying a normal healthy life.

Areas: Suffolk

Tel: 07757 102526 and 01359 244616




Kim Blake

Nutritional Therapy, Iridology, Herbal advice & Asyra

Asyra is an analytical tool which quickly provides information regarding the body’s status such as food intolerances, organs, parasites and gut integrity. It can help find the root cause of health problems and the most expedient way of restoring balance.

Kim came to complementary therapies from law by trying to find an answer to her own health problems. She finds the whole subject fascinating and is passionate about finding natural ways of restoring good health and inner balance.
Memberships: MBANT, MGNI
Motto:"Feed Your Health"

Areas: South West Surrey & North East Hampshire and offer mobile service within 20 mile radius of Haslemere, Surrey

Evening and weekend appointments

Tel: 07990 771360



Rebecca Dorta

Based near Farnham and at various clinics between Epsom, Rudgwick and Petersfield.

Holistic Nutrition, Intolerance Testing and Asyra Screenings.

Also a member of NCHM.

Tel: 07971 052725



Fiona Gibson

Specialises in:

Food intolerance testing

Nutritional therapy

Colonic irrigation

Areas: Surrey / Woking area

Tel: 0845 4303022




Sheila Hale

Student Member

Tricia Woolfrey

A hypnotherapist, coach and wellness practitioner with practices in Byfleet Village (Surrey) and Harley Street (London). Working in areas such as eating disorders, weight loss, IBS, stress management, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and self-esteem and integrating mind and body techniques to achieve maximum results. An advanced clinical hypnotherapist, Tricia came into nutrition as a way of helping people whose problems were biochemical as well as emotional. She uses the Asyra Pro to help determine biochemical imbalances such as hormones, body organ functionality, metabolism and food intolerances.

Areas: Surrey and London

Tel: 0845 130 0854





Monique Kleinveld

Holistic health, nutrition, food intolerance testing and health screening  for the whole family

Food intolerance testing

Holistic nutrition therapy

Health screening, including full body annalysis, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response, environmental sensitivites and much more

Diet, nutrition, supplements, superfoods and lifestyle advice

Monique gained a keen interest in complementary medicine due to her own long-standing health problems which included IBS, headaches and adrenal fatigue. Thanks to a nutritional support programme, she now enjoys better health. She is passionate about helping others achieve optimum health.

Areas: Based in Brighton, covering Sussex, Reading, and Surrey

Tel: 0791 74 86 794



Sussex Surrey London Essex Berkshire Hertfordshire Cheshire Suffolk Buckinghamshire

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Hyppocrates (460-377BC)

Sussex Surrey London Essex Berkshire Hertfordshire Cheshire